So… is breast best?

Note this is a long one!


There has been a lot said over the past week about breast feeding, so I thought I would put my opinion out there. Now, I am not a mother so I have never had to experience breastfeeding, but as an outsider I don’t see what the problem is. If you can, then why not? To help me make a decision as to whether or not breast is best, I have searched on the internet for the pros and cons.

As soon as some people find out they are having a baby, there is no question to whether they want to breast feed or not. Some say no straight away and some say yes straight away, you may also find that you change your mind.

Looking around the internet and seeing what other people think about breastfeeding, I have found that most ladies out there agree that breast is best. However, there are the odd ones who use the word “disgusting” to describe mothers that breast feed.

So, after doing some research into breast feeding as I have no first hand experience of it, I am proud that my mother breastfed me. She was looking out for me just as a mother should look out for her children when they are young. So I have a list of pros and cons, as I thought this would be the best way to explain.

  • The motherly bond. This is something everyone says, if you breastfeed you will instantly feel that motherly bond between you and baby.
  • You have to keep yourself healthy, as what you eat the baby eats. (I should think everybody would like a healthy baby, so this can’t be stressed enough). Some mothers keep taking vitamins to keep themselves healthy and this will be passed straight to baby.
  • Your breast milk contains beautiful anti-bodies, so these help your baby fight cold, sinus and ear infections. As such, you will have a healthy, happy baby with fewer health issues.
  • Since your breast milk is so pure and has no additives, you will find that your baby will be less constipated, have less colic and will have little to no diarrhea.
  • The more you breastfeed, the more you are able to minimize the pain. It’s not that you get used to it, you and your baby learn to latch on properly and the pains just disappear.
  • Something for the mums for putting up with those pains. Breastfeeding releases the lovely hormone Prolactine. This hormone helps keep those baby blues away, which is extremely important for a new mum, and everybody around new mums! It also helps release Oxytocin which helps contract your uterus and, brilliantly, burns calories.
  • Now, as a new mum, you have to over pack your bag when out on your travels. You have the nappies, wipes, poo bags, creams, lotions, fresh clothes, bibs etc. However you don’t need the bottles of milk. You have MORE space!!! Which is always a bonus.
  • Breast milk also helps growth and brain development (not saying that if you don’t breast feed your child isn’t going to develop the same rate). It just helps.
  • Breast milk is easier to digest as it is all natural, and as such your little ones tummy doesn’t have to think about digesting it as much as food or formula milk.
  • You can pump milk so that daddy can feed the baby through a bottle, which helps build a bond between baby and daddy, and baby still has healthy milk.
  • Lastly, it gives you baby a health happy heart.
  • Now anybody who has a new born baby knows that feeding time never really stops. New born babies sometimes cry to be fed every 2 to 3 hours! So, if you want to go out for the day you will be having a lot of stops.
  • Ensuring that daddy gets involved is extremely important. So if a mother is breastfeeding it makes it hard for the daddy to bond during meal times.
  • As mothers you are always going to be tired trying to look after your little bundles of joy, and breastfeeding can take a lot of energy up. Especially if you don’t sleep well as it is, so ever minute of peace and sleep you get is bliss.
  • If you have no choice but to go back to work early or don’t want to be off long, you can’t always take your bundles of joy with you to work and keep taking breaks to feed them.
  • Having freedom. If your busy trying to keep the house clean or trying to sort something out and there is another pair of hands there who could bottle feed your baby, then breast feeding isn’t very helpful.
  • Obviously, like I said before, your baby eats what you eat. So you have to have restrictions to what you can eat, so you don’t pass anything untoward on.
  • Infection is another thing you need to take into account. Yes, breast milk has all these natural nutrients in them that fight off illness and helps your baby be healthy, but if you catch chickenpox or have HIV, you could easily pass the infection on.
  • Measuring  how much your baby is drinking is helpful if you want to compare your child to another or going to health check ups. Breastfeeding limits how much you know.
  • Lastly, your breasts are going to change shape.

So do I agree with breastfeeding? Yes, I do. I think that every mother who is healthy and able to should give it a TRY at least for the sake of your baby. There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding, and it surely not disgusting!

Now, do I agree with breastfeeding in public?

Yes, why shouldn’t you be able to breastfeed in public? It is a beautiful, natural way to feed your baby and was the only way to feed your baby before 1869. You can cover yourself up enough so that people are unable to see what’s going on, but quite frankly if they don’t like it then they just don’t look. What I think would be an amazing idea, is if some shopping centers/malls had breast feeding areas. Some new mothers don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding outside of their home because of how many people judge and say that is not right.


However, some people will read what I have just said as though I am trying to push people who breast feed into a corner. That is not at all what I am saying. If and when I have children I will hold my head up high and will breastfeed wherever I am in public if my baby is crying and needs feeding. I guess my conclusion to the whole thing is, if your happy and healthy thren you should breast feed and shouldn’t feel that you have to go hide to do it. If you have tried and can’t take the pain or baby just isn’t having any of it, you HAVEN’T FAILED. Some babies just don’t always like it.

For these breastfeeding selfies. I think its AMAZING!!!! It’s such a beautiful thing to share with everyone. Plus, some of the mothers are more covered up than some of the normal selfies I have seen going around on the internet.

When to stop breastfeeding?

Well that’s a whole different subject!




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