You can be Gorgeous any size

Hello, all my lovely readers. I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago called ” Something needs to change”. It’s about me growing up and just seeing the same catwalk style model and how it wasn’t till recent years I have learnt more about alternative or plus size modeling. If you haven’t read it, it’s probably best you do so you understand why I am writing this blog.

Right, lets get started.

So every night I go to bed and check what’s been going on in the world by viewing the Daily Mail. However, last night I was just tired and chose sleep over news. So this morning when I woke up I thought I would catch up and see what I had missed. Scrolling down it was all the normal doom and gloom and then I came across this title quoted by Steven Miller.

‘You can’t be gorgeous AND fat’: Outspoken weight loss expert dubbed the Simon Cowell of slimming, hits out at curvy pin-up Tess Holliday for ‘normalising obesity’.

I am absolutely furious at this man! Now, for those who do not know Steven Miller here’s a little background on him. He is a Hypnotherapist who helps, as he put it, “fat people” loose weight. Yes, he has done very well and has helped people lose weight and change lives, but you can not go around saying “You can’t be gorgeous AND fat’. The woman he is talking about is called Tess Holliday. Now Tess is a size 26 (22 in the US) plus size super model. She has made her career out of being plus size and beautiful.

Now, reading the article that the Daily Mail published, it sounds like Steve Miller just has an issue that the fact she is a plus size model and loves it! Yes, congratulations to you Steve for losing 4 stone over a normal unwanted weight, but some people are happy with their size. He goes on to say that Tess is pretty much showing the world that it’s alright to be “fat” and that eating junk food is fine.

Well, from where I stand all she is doing is something she loves, and that modeling showing her curves.

He even says this (it makes my stomach churn): ‘I wonder how Tess will feel one day if a crying child explains to her that mummy died because she accepted being too fat because of the message promoted by her’. I know there are health issues with being over weight. So my question is, why did he feel he had to pick someone who is at her prime and share his opinions the way he has. He should have enough balls to just come out with it without naming names instead of picking on such an inspiration to many women and some men.

It’s people just like Steve Miller who put so much pressure on people to go on diet’s and be body conscious. what he has said in this article could seriously effect someone, maybe even making them go the opposite way and start suffering from anorexia. Every girl and some men have body issues and I know a lot of women follow Tess for inspiration.  This is why something needs to change! Not every woman is going to be a healthy size, no matter how much they weigh. We are all beautiful no matter what weight we are and we should all embrace it!.

It shouldn’t matter what size you are; if you’re happy, then embrace it. If you’re not happy, then make yourself happy!

Don’t let people like Steve Miller get you down.


If you wish to read the whole article I have linked to it in my sources below.




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