World Kindness day

Hello all my lovelies❣

The World Kindness Movement

Some of you may know or you may not, that today is “World Kindness Day” and I feel that I should write a little blog about it. So this year World Kindness Day has happened to land on Friday the 13th, and for some people not the kindest of day’s if you believe in bad luck.

So where did this day come from? Well not that long ago in 1998, The World Kindness Movement introduced it to the world. The WKM is not just one organisation, it is in fact, several. All these littler organisations all have one thing in common and that is happiness and making the world a happier kinder place to live. So with these little organisations, comes a bigger one. Even though it is called “World Kindness Day”, not every country represents it. Currently there are 25 countries that do.

Dr. Wataru Mori,a physician who is part of a small Kindness movement in Japan, held a conference in Tokyo in 1996. They gathered like-minded individuals from other countries to join them. Dr. Wataru Mori believed that in order to have a more compassionate and peaceful world, critical mass of acts of kindness would have to be preformed. Which is true, if everyone is nice to eachother and gave each a hand in life, then the world really will be a nicer place to live. However, we don’t live like that and it is a shame. Then a year later in 1997 a second conference was held in which the World Kindness Movement was formed. As times gone on, more and more countries have joined to celebrate this day and I have no doubt more will keep joining.

My only problem is, it doesn’t take one day out of the whole year to be kind. You don’t need this day to tell you, you must do a good favor for someone. Instead, think of this day as a reminder. Dr. Wataru Mori set out to make the world a better place. Let’s listen to what he say’s and think’s and make the world a kinder place to live and a place we should all be proud of.

It doesn’t take a lot to be kind. Simple thing’s like giving several people compliments, give to charity, spend some time with someone who’s lonely, feed a homeless person or even volunteer somewhere. What ever you do, just remember, it shouldn’t be for one day only.

Sending free Hugs! to you all

For more information please go to  http://www.theworldkindnessmovement.org/









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