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Positive vibes

Hello my lovelies.

Right I am sick of being negative and feeling poop! For the past couple of months I have felt like utter shit. Not because I’ve been sick, just my mood has been so low that it was practically laying down on the ground dead.  I have had enough. I need to be more positive. So I thought I would write a blog about being positive and positive thinking. People always say if you think and act positive the better your life will be. I don’t know if that’s true or not but surely it’s better than being miserable.  I am going do some bullet points on being positive and why its good for you.

  • Being positive can help your stress levels.- I worry all the time about everything and anything. I’m not even joking. I’m surprised I don’t have grey hair yet. Worry tends to lead to stress. Stress will lead to other health issues that, well, you could really not need in life. So by thinking and being positive, will lead your stress and worry problems in the right direction to the bin!
  • Makes others feel good- Even though I was crumbling inside yesterday, I still had a massive smile on my face. So much so someone commented on how happy I looked and how nice it was to see me smiling so much. (This person was a stranger may I add.) This made me feel good about myself that my crumbling mess inside started to disappear. So by being appearing to be happy and try and cheering myself up, made someone else happy.
  • Makes you feel good about yourself- (referring to above) Since I made someone else feel good, it lifted my mood and I started to feel a bit better about my day. SO being positive and people commenting can help you feel good about yourself.
  • It can lead to more positive things possibly?- As I mentioned before, people say being positive welcomes positive things to come. I can see how this would work. If your trying to be positive about live, you wont want to see the negative in situations that could have more negative things than positive. So I guess always look for the positive in bad situations is the key.
  • Helping others feel positive- By being positive, you may inspire others to do the same. In the past I have heard people say “Oh she’s so positive all the time, I need to be the same.” I cant vow to this ever actually happening. However I can completely understand this. It teaches people to live life in a care free way I suppose.
  • Can make dreams come true-If you have a dream that you want so bad, but think negative about how to get it then it wont ever happen. I wanted to start this blog but didn’t know what to write about so it put me off. I still don’t know what I want to write about half the time, but hey at least I’m trying. I didn’t think I’d get any followers (yes I know I have under 100) but it’s more than what I ever thought I’d have. So by pressing on and on and trying I have accomplished something I never thought I could.

I’m sure there are a lot more pros to thinking and being positive, but I don’t want to over do it. I’m going to try and be more positive. I’m sick of this emotional roller-coaster now.

Feel free to leave any comments or tell me how you keep yourself positive. Feel free to follow my blog, as I said I didn’t even imagine I would get 1 follower.

Goodnight my lovelies.



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