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Healthy,gluten & lactose free

Hello my lovelies.

I hope we are all well and if you celebrate it, had a wonderful Easter.

So today’s blog.

Its healthy, super easy and flexible. 

Since I was diagnosed with Fibro, my diet has had to change big time. Not only am I lactose intolerant, I am now gluten intolerant. This doesn’t come easy I must say and taking lunch for work is becoming more of a chore than a luxury. So I have came up with a healthy Gluten & Lactose free lunch and I’m going to show you what it is.

You will need: (I didn’t measure out potions due to not knowing how much this would fill me up for the day.)

  • Plain yoghurt with coconut (or lactose free yoghurt of your choice)
  • Raisins or sultanas (if you don’t like either of these feel free to add seed or nuts.)
  • Plain porridge oats (must not have wheat in them)
  • Frozen summer fruits
  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Jar to put everything in.

The best thing about this, you can change your fruit to something you would prefer.

DSC_0032 (2)
So there isn’t much fruit I don’t like, but this is just what I had in my fridge. One thing I will point out is, I personally wouldn’t put bananas in this unless they are really green (unripe). I just imagine they will go mushy and soggy otherwise.
DSC_0035 (2)
Now its extremely important you follow the first couple of steps.  Your first layer must be the yoghurt. If you leave your yoghurt till last or half way through, it will soak through all your fruit and oats and will make it soggy. I put about 4-5 table spoons in. 
DSC_0036 (2)
Next you want a strong base, so I put my raisins in next. These are light enough not to sink to the bottom but heavy enough to hold the oats. I chucked about 3-4 table spoons of these in. Make sure you spread them right out evenly over the yoghurt.
DSC_0039 (2)
Next you have your oats. I really like oats so I put more in the second time I made this. In this picture I put 3-4 table spoons of oats in. However I now put 5 heaps in. You don’t have too worry to much about how much you put in either, because these are so light. They also wont sink.
DSC_0040 (2)
Next is your fruit. Now you can do this two different ways. You can either take your frozen berries out of the freezer and leave to defrost, or you can just pop them in frozen and let the juice run as they defrost in your jars once made. I put mine in still frozen as I didn’t mind the juices running down. It did make the oats a little damp, but it didn’t effect the taste. I put in a good handful of berries.
DSC_0044 (2)
Lastly your fresh fruit. I put oranges in to finish it off. I did have an apple to but it wouldn’t fit in :(.  I had just a small orange.                                                                                                               Then simply pop in your fridge until it’s ready to be eaten.

The first one I made, I left in my refrigerator for 3 and a half days and it was still fresh the day I ate it.  The best thing about this, is you can adapt it to your taste. You don’t even have to have food allergies or intolerances to enjoy this. What’s even better you can have this as a snack or a main lunchtime meal, depending on how much you put into it.

If you have a go at making this, I would love to see some pictures. So please leave me a picture in my comments. I hope you enjoy making and eating this.

It’s healthy, super easy and flexible. 

Thank you,



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