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Fibromyalgia and exercise 

Hello my lovelies. I hope your all well. 

As you can see from the title, my blog today is going to be about fibromyalgia and exercise.  Now I know the last thing you probably want to even think about is trying to do some sort of fitness if your in pain. However exercise could be the answer to ease some of the pain. 

The best thing is to start slow! It’s not a race and you don’t have to push yourself. So what are the best exercises for fibromyalgia suffers? 

Believe it or not walking plain old, simple walking. Gentle walks around your housing estate or local park is a great way to loosen up all your joints and get your body working again. Even if you won’t manage going out-doors, simple lengths of your living room can help. 

Good old stretching can work miracles. So activities such as yoga and ti chi are really nice light exercises. You can be as gentle and easy or adventures as you’d like. I love to end a good yoga session with some meditation

There’s nothing better than feeling like your floating on a cloud. Swimming is my next one. Although when I try and swim I can feel worse the next day, however I tend to do lengths. Gentle little movements in the water can help loosen up your joints and muscles, plus you can let the water take all your weight. I wouldn’t join a class like Aqua fit or Aqua Zumba for the reason that they can be a bit hardcore. 

Unless you have a cleaner or someone to help do the house work, your the one who has to get on your hands and knees and clean. That’s right house work is my next one. Obviously you need to keep your house nice a clean. So each day just take on a room one by one. This gets you on your feet and stretching and walking around. Like all the others though, don’t over do it. 

Now I know these are for people who are active and up and about. If you are having a flare up and are struggling to get out of bed, you don’t want to be losing muscle. Light weights are perfect. You can do a few little weight lifts sitting or laying in bed. I would start off with light weights especially if your feeling weak in bed. Obviously if you aren’t in bed with a flare up, you can do these standing or sitting. 

Lastly my favourite. Hula hooping. Now this activity is a lot more harder on your body. If you did want to try this I would strongly advise you have plenty painkillers that your medically allowed and understand that you are going to hurt.(good hurt though) Since I started hooping, I’ve noticed my lower back isn’t hurting as much and my hips and knees have more strength. 

(In the next few days to week I shall be doing a blog about my hooping journey with more information about it and fibromyalgia

I hope most of you found this helpful. If you don’t have fibromyalgia then I hope this can help you help someone who is suffering with it.

As always feel free to follow me on here Instagram or Twitter. Like and share my blogs and even comment. I appreciate it all! :). 

I am not a professional. All information on my blog is from personal experience only. Don’t over do anything your don’t feel comfortable about. If need be seek medical advise before trying any of these exercises. 


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