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Hula hooping with fibromyalgia 

Hello all my lovelies. How are you all doing? 

As promised I’m doing a blog about hula hooping and my Fibro. 

Can I first point out that I’m not a health professional. I am not promising it will help everyone’s fibromyalgia and it could make you worse I’m not 100% sure. It all depends on your personal health. 

Before I started hooping I’d suffer bad with pain in my ankles and hips. However since I’ve started my pains have slowly improved and I feel a lot more mobile. I personally think it’s because I’ve strengthened those parts up. Now depending on how bad you suffer from fibromyalgia depends on if you can hula and how much.  So to begin…..

Picking your hoop- Now picking your hoop. It is important that you pick the right type of hoop. You need one that comes past your belly button when it’s stood against you and have a large diameter. For best results in keeping it going, weighted hoops are the best. If your looking for something to help you lose weight or tone you up weight hoops and brilliant for this. I bought mine from Argos (UK) for around £17.99. 

How long to hoop for- You should never hoop for long periods of time when you first start. Once you’ve got the hang of keeping the hoop up you should only hoop for 10-15 minuets in both directions (20-30 minutes in total). It will take a good couple of weeks to get the hang of keeping it up though. I now hoop  happily for 2 hours. 

Bruising and painful sides-  9/10 times you will bruise. Having Fibro means medication and some medication can make your bruise easily. So don’t be alarmed if you noticed bad bruising it is completely normal. I will admit it will hurt every time you pick your hoop up and do it day after day, but your body becomes numb to it after about 5 minutes. 

I have attached som pictures below to show how much I bruised. 

Perseverance- It is extremely easy to give up and be done with it, but please please please don’t give up! You need to just keep trying and you will get there. Its like trying to drive or ride a bike. It takes time.

Tips and hints- 

  1. What I found helpful was watching lots of videos on YouTube. 
  2. Following people on Instagram or other social networking sites that post lists of hooping videos or pictures, as this helped push me to keep trying. 
  3. I love to listen to music as well which helps push me along. 
  4. When I first started, I post pictures and videos on my Instagram to show my progress ( I should really do more) 
  5. Just have fun with it. 

Don’t over do it!- Don’t have push yourself. Only do what your body will allow you to do. I started hooping to help lose weight. I never thought it could help my Fibro. 

So I think this is everything. If I can think of anything else I will update my blog for you all. If there are any experienced hoopers on here and feel I’ve missed something feel free to let me know and I will add it in. 

I love hearing from you all so please let me know how you get on. If you have any questions don’t be shy to ask anything. Please like, follow or share my blog. It even follow me on Twitter or Instagram. 

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Love yous all




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