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Bestfriend day 2016 (my Bestfriend) 

Hello my lovelies. I hope you are all well and enjoying your week.  Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve had a lovely couple of weeks away from my blog. However I’m back and ready to blog. 

Well today is Bestfriend day. So I thought I would write a blog about best friends and give you a little info about 2 of mine.  Over the years I have meet new people who have became my  friends. However I have only ever had a teeny tiny amount ofbest friends  out of them all. Funny enough I have had this conversation with my partner and mam recently about how my old friends use to treat me.( It wasn’t good). Anyway we don’t want to go into that. 
So what is a “Best Friend”. Well it’s someone you can talk to about anything! Anything and everything no matter what. You have complete trust in each other, to a point where you could be sisters. You literally do everything together.Everything you find funny your best Friend  will do to. Your best Friend should stand by you through thick and thin even if they don’t agree with you, they should still respect you. A best friend should fight your battles with you and help heal the war wounds to. 

My main best friend who really was my best friend meant everything to me. We met when we were  7-8ish and we were friends right up till 16. Annoyingly we fell out over something so small it turned into something big. We literally did everything together, laughed at everything and were even the very first vloggers. (Videos are all deleted). We had our own style and loved it! We would just walk for hours round town after school looking for guys we fancied, but would never dare talk to them though. Like most girls we even tried to make our own band and spend weekends learning songs. We even sent a tape (yes tape that’s how retro we were) away to a company, which we later found out it had closed down. So our tape is lost in someone’s hands. When YouTube came onto the Internet we would sit for hours watching the most bizarre videos ever! Just sit and laugh our heads off at the most random people ever. I really did feel like those were the best days of my life. I can remember some funny things we use to do. For example:

  1. We once spent the night making prank phone calls and it wasn’t until her mam got the monthly bill, that we got caught.
  2. When it was her birthday once, she wanted to go a theme park and take me, however I was to small so we tried to make me grown by her pulling on my legs while I held on to the bars on her headboard. (No I didn’t grow) 
  3. We once tried to tackle a bail of hay in a farmers field to. 

I have some very fond memories of our friendship.  We have recently got back in contact and I hope we can build our friendship back up. She was my one true friend and the only friend who actually treat me like a friend. ( If your reading this thank you for everything, you should know who you are). 

So my current Bestfriend is my partner. I don’t think that will ever change now.  I love him more than anything. He truly is everything a Bestfriend should be. He loves me for me and wouldn’t change me in anyway. He supports me and understands me on a level no one else could even try to. We have been together for nearly 8 years and I’ve known him over 10 years so we both have fond memories and are looking forward to our future together. 
Happy Bestfriend day everyone. 



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