How young is to young?

Hello my lovelies,

This blog post is based on a article the mail online published on the 5th of August. If you’d like to read the article the link is below for you.

The article

When should children be taught about sex and relationships? For some reason loosing your virginity is something a lot of people lie about.You must only consider losing your virginity if your old enough. After that, you have to make sure you are 100% positive you want to and with the right person. The legal age for someone to have sex over here in the UK is 16. I’m writing the blog post because NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), want children as young as 13 both boys and girls to have access to free condoms on the NHS. They are urging many different people to assist in handing out free condoms such as, G.P’s, sexual health clinics and even young clubs.

Doing some research I found that, the average age for both genders to lose their virginity is 16-18 years with it actually being more closer to 18 apparently. For under the age of consent, 1 in 5 (19%) Brit’s lose their virginity under 16 year’s of age This was published back in 2014 done as a British sex survey.

This has all came around because of an increase into sexually transmitted diseases. According to a report that was published on the 5th of July this year, approximately 435,000 diagnoses of sexually transmitted diseases were reported from 2014-2015. The greatest found in people under the age of 25. The increased results are quite shocking with Chlamydia being most commonly diagnosed STI. There were 200,288 people alone who came back positive. Not counting how many people were actually tested all together.Syphilis was the next with an increase of 20% in just a year and 76% in three. Followed was Gonorrhea with 11%in just a year and 53% in three. To finish of Genital warts has increased by 7% in a year. Over the past 10 year’s each one of these have been slowly increasing. Gonorrhea, Syphilis and genital herpes have all increased more in males. However their is a positive new in this, as Genital warts has actually decreased in females. It was also found that the 10 sexual partners (20%) is the mean for the average Brit with men having more (12 sexual partners) and women having less (7 sexual partners). Even the rate of teenage pregnancies have fallen and is at its lowest in nearly 70 year’s.

I wanted to know if when I lost my virginity was on par with every other girl from my country so I research it and found this (Note this is only for girls. I only searched for girls since I am one). Website: Apparently I a bit earlier than average. Apparently 18-19 years of age is the average age girls from my type of background lose their virginity.

So what do you lovelies think? Looking over all the research I have found I personally think that 13 year olds are far to young to be getting condom’s. Personally I think the at the age of 14 we should discuss with teenagers about sex and introduce condoms at the age of 15 with caution not to use them until the legal age of 16. I don’t see why we should waste money and resources into giving children/teenagers as young as 13 condoms when the average age to losing your virginity is between 16-18.

Let me know what you think in the comments and if you agree with me and your views.




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