Au revoir to the bra

Good evening all my lovelies,

This is one for all the girls out there! Lately there has been a lot of hype about whether we need bras or not. Breasts are wonderful things. The are completely natural, men love them, women love them and you should love your own. They are even more wonderful because they can give your child the best start in life by producing your breast milk, but we aren’t here to talk about breast-feeding. We are here to talk about freeing your breasts and going bra-less for your own health. There seems to be more and more reasons to not wear a bra these days rather than to wear a bra. So what I want to know is would you say au revoir to your bra? I looked over several websites and  I’ve done some research to put into this blog for you all.

People think if you don’t wear a bra your breasts are going to sag before you know it and they wont look nice at all. I’m sorry to tell you this but that is a whole load of bull sh*t. Its been medically proven that the less you wear a bra the firmer and perkier they will be. Blood is allowed to flow more readily around your chest which promotes muscle tissue to grow which provides natural support for your breasts. Breasts like to be able to move so when it comes to exercise movement is something you should just enjoy as you’re doing something good for them. When you exercise bra-less, it encourages lymphatic flow (part of the circulatory system and a vital part of the immune system) which carries toxins away from your breasts. However if you struggle to exercise without a bra due to pain, then it’s suggested you try a good supportive sports bra.

People who have larger breasts sometimes think that going bra-less is a terrible idea for them as it may cause back pain and sagging. This is wrong, there is no evidence to show that wearing a bra stops back pain and it can actually still help make larger breast perkier and firmer.  Researchers believe that young women gain more tone and supporting breast tissue if no bra were used. This doesn’t mean older women who want to stop wearing a bra are too late. You are never too late to stop.

There has been a lot in the media about Jean-Denis Rouillon, a professor that has done research over 15 years on a group of women about bras. He suggested that wearing a bra at an early age did nothing to help support, reduce back pain or prevent sagging. His studies have shown that breasts actually get saggier if they wear a bra. However, all you have to do is type his name in to Google and you will notice he has had some backlash with his research from others. Some people are pretty much saying women don’t wear bras for health reasons or medical reasons but for body confidence. Also comments are being passed because he isn’t a women and he doesn’t know what it’s actually like to have breasts.

On top of all this bras are bloody expensive things that society has made us think we need. I bet you didn’t know you’re meant to wash your bra every third time you wear it! That’s not even in a row! Imagine how much washing powder you’d go through, especially because the best way to clean your bras is by hand washing them. What gets me even more confused, is that bras are seen to be sexy items. Breasts are seen to be sexy body parts. Why buy expensive “sexy” clothing to cover up free beautiful natural body parts? That, my friends, baffles me.

The next thing that people worry about its nipples. Just like breasts, nipples are wonderful things and as women, we shouldn’t be ashamed to show them. There is a group of campaigners called “Free the nipple” and they campaign to give women the same rights as men to bare nipples. They want to grant women and men to same freedom and protection. A quote from their website:






Check out their website

Women and men both have nipples, why should women’s nipples be sexualised? Why should men be allowed to strut around streets topless on a hot day when a women has to be restricted to a top and more feel that she needs to wear a bra that is tight, sweaty and uncomfortable. Just because society has always said that breasts are sexual doesn’t mean that we as women should follow this. Women shouldn’t feel worried about people seeing their nipples through tops. Nipples are completely natural and beautiful.

So to conclude, I’m going bra-less and freeing the nipple! I’m not promoting people to stare at my breasts or nipples to get sexual attention, I’m freeing myself from a world of pressure to wear these damn uncomfortable cages. I have found someone on YouTube that may help you go bra free. Go check her out here.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I know it’s a little long, but I felt so passionate about it that I wanted to share it all with you. I would love to know what you think about saying goodbye to your bra. I would love it if you’re a guy with an opinion about this. Just because this is a girls thing doesn’t mean I’m not interested in what you all think, so feel free to leave me a comment.

Goodnight my lovelies,








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