Should we be talking about the size of female catwalk models?

Should we be talking about modelling and modelling agencies more and how models are treated? As I believe everyone should be happy and confident in their own skin, I think it’s about time modelling agencies put a stop to their sizing restrictions, whether that is height, weight, hips or even body shape.

This week model Kayley Chabot has opened up about her experiences working as a model and her battle with anorexia, but she doesn’t think modelling is the devil. She explains that once she was signed to Ford Modelling agency at the age of 15, she was pressured to lose weight. She talks about arriving in New York and being told that her 37.5 inch hips were too big. In order for her to stay she had to lose another 2.5 inches, even then she would still have to work to lose more and more weight for them to be happy with her. Kayley expresses how upset she was when she heard the people who hired her to model for them calling her fat. So she made it her mission to lose as much weight as she could, even if that meant risking her health. Kayley explains that she limited her daily calories to under 500, worked out every morning and every night, and even started to be scared to drink water in case she put weight on. Kayley would faint on a daily basis and as such she wouldn’t be able to get through school because of this or because she had taken laxatives.

Kayley explained she did seek medical help as her hair began to fall out and she knew she was unwell. However, she wanted fame and for everyone to know who she was so she lied about getting better so she could return to New York and the modelling world. Whilst living in New York, she was put with other models to live with and this didn’t help Kayley battle her eating disorder, if anything it just added fuel to the fire as they could talk about their weight with one another. Alcohol and drug addictions took over and she describes the situation as a cycle. The alcohol and drugs numbed the hunger but made her anorexia worse. By 2014 Kayley had had enough and returned home after her last show season in Paris and has never returned to the modelling world. She’s now happy and healthy and even though closing the book on modelling was a hard decision she says she want to turned her attention to nutrition.

I am so shocked to have read this this article. Knowing that Kayley started modelling at 13, signed at 15 and left at the age of 17 with alcohol and drug problems, as well as an eating disorder, because of modelling scares me. It took her 2 years to pull through it all. It saddens me that people can sit back and watch their own models do this to themselves and not help them, just fuel them with negative comments.

Earlier this year Erin Heatherton also opened up about why she left the well known lingerie company ‘Victoria Secret’, stating that she was told she had to lose weight. Even the well known Cara Delevigne was told she had to lose weight at one point.

I feel that models are all having to compete to be the “best” model when really, there is no such thing as perfection or the best. Modelling agencies and companies have wrote this unofficial bible that says looking a certain way means you’re pretty, beautiful, successful and being as thin as you can be is the beginning and unless your at the weight or below what they want, then you’re ugly. Really it’s the people who promote this and who has set up these rules who are the ugly ones. We should all be happy in our skin and whatever size we want to be. No-one should be told they can’t succeed as a model if they  don’t fit in to certain dimensions. I sadly read somewhere this week that a model witnessed other models pulling out their own teeth in order to make their faces look thinner.

This is my thoughts about it. What do you guys think of this?






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