National Self Improvement Month

Hello my lovelies,

We are now into September. Where has this year gone? I feel like it wasn’t to long ago  I was saying happy New Year and then, boom, September here you are. September is the month for Self Improvement and I thought I’d blog about it as I’m trying to improve my life as you all know. For those who don’t know however, I’m trying to battle depression, anxiety and general self-esteem issues. So this month fit’s in very well with my progress to improving my mental/emotional life.

Looking through the internet, I struggled to actually research this one. I guess it’s because Self Improvement is personal rather than a generalized thing. I find that when people talk about Self Improvement, they are talking about losing weight,trying the latest beauty trend to feel better about themselves, setting goals for work/school or living a healthier life through diet and exercise.  To sum it up, its what you want to personally improve in you life.

I have compiled a list of a few things that are very varied to give you all some idea’s to Self Improvement.

  • Learn something new. Something your interested in or something completely random.
  • Improve your diet. Cut out one thing you that’s bad for your diet.
  • Quit smoking.
  • learn to love yourself more. Every morning for the month say one thing you love abut yourself, whether that’s your body or you general life.
  • Start a exercise routine for the month.
  • Volunteer some of your spare time.
  • Practice meditation
  • Treat yourself to things you love.
  • Take photographs more to create memories.
  • Take photographs of yourself. Look over them and find what you love about yourself.
  • Socialize with friends and family more.
  • Join a club to help socializing. (Book, knitting or photography.)

This list is just a few things I personally thought could help improve peoples lives. Some people however may feel that their life is perfect, happy and nothing need changing, and that’s fine.

I hope we can all have a good Self Improvement Month. Please let know by commenting if you have any idea’s to improving yourself this month. I hope to get my mental health better and improve my self esteem.

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