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My life changes for positivity


Hello my lovelies, how are we all doing?

I’ve typed this and erased this so many times now, I don’t actually know where to start. When I first started my blog, I wanted to blog about my life experiences and inspire people. I mentioned in my last blog post that mental health hit me hard, so I took all my personal life post’s off. However, I want to go back to that style again, in the hope of helping people. Even if it’s just one person, at least I know I may have helped.

So let’s get to it I guess.

Since struggling with my mental health and being let down by certain systems/organizations (not wanting to name names), I have had to find ways to cope alone. I will admit I’ve had help from friends and family, but I’ve had to find inner strength myself to cope when I’m alone.

Staying positive- I’m going to start with the main point first. I’m not going to lie, there has been and still are day’s when it is hard to stay positive. I just have to remind myself, that this moment is not going to last forever. It’s just a period of time in my life, it will be over before I know it. I’ve got myself into a habit of, when I first get up, I say something positive about myself or my life. That way, I have started my day off in the most positive way I can. I then go off to work and in my own special way spread the positivity. As far as I’m aware, it seems to be working. Yes, there are times when I get down because something has triggered my brain off, but I just keep telling myself that it won’t last and to just move on.

Smile and say hello- Something everyone comments on is my smile. On a daily basis at work, I get comments about how happy and smiley I look. So, I try to make sure everyone I see I make eye contact with them smile and say a little hello. It doesn’t take much effort and I feel that it’s something people don’t do as much as they should. Knowing that I’ve taken the time to smile and say hello to a stranger sometimes, makes me feel a lot better about myself. Which in turn makes me feel more positive about myself. Me just simply doing that could have cheered them up if they were having a bad day.

Cuddles and hugs-I have to admit this is my favorite part of this blog. I am a very cuddly person, there is no doubt about that. I love hugs as it just makes you feel so much better, well, it makes me feel better anyway. It has been said that hugs can actually relieve you from stress. When I returned to work after my sickness period, my boss and I joked saying I was allowed 10 hugs a day from my work friends. However, this joke has actually turned into a real thing. This lead to a hugging spree on Thursday between me and my work friends. We all hugged each other, and you know what, we all smiled and giggled afterward’s. So my conclusion to that, it does work.

Positive people- Something I’m trying to do more of, and it can be hard but is to be around positive people. I find that if I’m around negativity, it really get’s to me and I’m brought down by it really easy. So I always try to make people feel more positive and if it doesn’t work, I walk away. It may sound selfish, it may not, but I can’t deal with other people being so negative all the time. I’ve had too much in my life, I don’t want anymore.

Yoga- Yoga has given me something to focus on while keeping me fit and feel good about myself. I’m personally not one for hitting the gym, so yoga is perfect for me as I can do it in the comfort of my own home and it’s just as good as the gym. It has opened my mind up to loving and taking care of my inner self.

Meditation-In the past I have really tried to get into meditation, but have never been able to focus. However, about 5 months ago, I tried it for sleep therapy and it worked a treat. Although it was difficult at first trying to mediate while sharing a bed with someone, I have now learned to do it on a daily basis and not just for sleep therapy. I feel that meditation really calms me down in a stressful situation and when I feel anxious. It has opened my mind to be more positive in a weird way which I can’t really explain. I have also been able to pass my experience a little bit of knowledge onto other people to help them. This makes me feel so good about myself, knowing I may be helping others even just a little bit with struggles in their life.

Support- Something I am still getting used to is, letting people in. I have never been great at opening up about my feelings. I’m the kind of person who suffers in silence and just puts on a brave face. I’ve started to open up a lot more now, which has given me so much support from family and friends. One person in particular who I haven’t known very long at all has been my rock, because of him, I have achieved so much and I can never tell him how grateful I am for that. So having enough support and positive people around me has made me a more positive person.

Happiness- Lastly, do things that make you happy and leave the things that make you unhappy behind you. I’ve been through a lot in the past year and didn’t realize how unhappy I was with certain aspects of my life. I guess it took me to be ill mentally to realize this. So do things that you want to do and what makes you happy. Even if that mean’s doing it alone. You will soon realize how happy you can be.

So I think that is everything I’ve changed in my life to make it more positive. I’m not going to say it’s so easy as it’s taken me 6 months to fix certain parts of my life with about 10-12 years of depression and self-confidence issues. My life isn’t completely fixed as I’m still battling a lot of my demons. What I can say though is, I’m a lot happier being this positive and this free feeling than I was 3-4 months ago.

I’m glad to be back blogging again and I hope I can share a lot with you all. I also hope this has helped even just one of you lovely people reading this.



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